Avoid Burnout by Creating Better Working Conditions for Yourself

Burnout is one of the biggest hazards for an attorney, particularly if you are in solo law practice.

When you care about your clients, you want to do a good job by them and give them your best legal work product.

This is why it’s so important to build breathing-room into your policies and processes.

A lot of this can be accomplished in your new client consults and conversations.

You can best set expectations at that time — and thereby create more optimal working conditions for yourself — by letting them know how to communicate with you, what response times they can expect, and what kind of turnaround is typical (here is where you want to make sure you are giving yourself plenty of room).

Clients are more understanding and easier to work with when they are made aware of these details up-front.

Another tool you can use for this is a Client Guide, which is simply a brochure or document that informs clients (in positive, client-centric terms) how things work in your law practice and how to work together successfully.

This not only makes for better clients, it adds a bit of extra polish to your practice that inspires more of their trust and confidence. Just because you are solo, doesn’t mean you can’t make a big-firm impression.

Where your written agreement and/or engagement letter are legal contracts, a Client Guide is more of a marketing, client relations, and expectations management tool.

Come talk to me if you’re interested in help with implementing these best practices and better managing client expectations for improved working conditions and relationships.

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