So, how much is this going to cost?

Naturally, this is a valid consideration. As you know when consulting with your own clients, certain details and information must be ascertained before that question can be answered. The first step is for us to chat over the phone in a consultation so that I can gain some meaningful insight into your support needs, the challenges you grapple with, and your goals for working together. What I’d like to share with you in the meantime is my approach to pricing and why you’ll find it extremely easy, convenient, and advantageous.

What’s Important to You?

When it comes to paying for services, if you’re like most of my clients:

  1. You want more time to focus on the practice of law and the growth and development of your firm (not to mention, have some extra to enjoy your life).
  2. You want to take good care of your own clients so you want support that isn’t going to stop in the middle of the month because you’ve run out of coverage.
  3. You don’t want to have to always keep one eye on the clock because you’re being billed by the hour.
  4. You don’t like worrying about cost overruns or wondering what your bill is going to be from one month to the next.
  5. You’d LOVE more ease, convenience, and consistency when it comes to paying for support.

The Problem with Time-Based Billing

When working with a professional service, you commonly expect to be charged by the hour. The inherent problem with time-based fees, however, is that it focuses on time, instead of results, as the measure of accomplishment, which puts your interests and motivations and those of the provider at odds with each other.

When time is the focus, you naturally want things to take the least amount of time possible because the longer things take, the more it’s costing you. You don’t want your money spent wastefully so the hours expended become fraught with worry about how much everything is going to cost in the end.

Meanwhile, the provider only makes more money the longer things take; in fact, is penalized financially for being fast and efficient. This creates a negative incentive for providers to stretch things out so they are paid an amount commensurate with the skill, expertise, and value they deliver.

You also end up being charged on the clock every time the provider lifts a finger on your behalf because that’s what they must do when the only way they are compensated for their work is by the hours expended.

That’s a terrible dynamic with which to start a new relationship.

I have zero interest in tracking every effort or nickel-and-diming clients to death. Tracking hours is tedious, time-consuming, and creates an administrative bog that isn’t a productive use of anyone’s time or energy. It’s the wrong focus for all involved.

I prefer to spend my time solving your problems, getting things done, and helping make your solo law practice the best it can be. Billing for minutes and hours works against that intention and turns every effort into a transaction. There’s nothing collaborative or productive about that.

What We Do Instead

What if you could get all of your support needs met without ever having to worry about hours, where we work together in an alignment of intentions and motivations, and where accomplishing your goals and objectives didn’t cost you a dime more no matter how long it took?

This is exactly what you’ll get when working with The Relief. There’s no hourly billing involved and no invoice uncertainty every month. That’s because you aren’t paying for my time; you’re paying for my skills, expertise, and having me see things through each full month. Our focus isn’t on the time it takes; it’s on getting things done.

It doesn’t help you for work to stop and lose momentum because you’ve run out of hours. So I’ve changed that paradigm altogether. Instead, we’ll meet over the phone in purposeful consultation to identify your goals and the areas where support will be most beneficial to you. Based on everything we discuss, I’ll present you with my initial support recommendations and my fee. We can then fine-tune things from there.

The important thing is that once we arrive at your custom plan of support, you pay one simple, monthly fee for it all. That’s it. No worrying about hours and overages; no running out of support in the middle of the month leaving you hanging; and no nickel-and-diming for every little thing. Simple, easy, elegant.

By establishing the support parameters and price upfront, we don’t have to keep having that conversation every time there’s work to be done. We can simply be focused on the work, achieving your aims, and doing our best work together without the distraction of cost and payment coming up at every turn.

You get greater value when my work and efforts are aligned with your goals and objectives, not the time expended on them. This results in a true partnership where we are both moving forward in the same direction, working together with shared intention and motivation, and focused on the desired outcomes and results, not the time spent accomplishing them.

Value for Value

I’m looking for client partners who understand the value of investing in their practice and are seeking real solutions for lasting impact and results, not quick fixes. So, a better question to ask yourself is, “What will I gain by getting the administrative support I need in my solo law practice?”

If my support allows you to grow your revenue and operate more profitably each month, gives you back so many more hours to do with as you see fit, enables you to get more legal work and networking time in, lets you finish that business-building that takes your practice to the next level, how much is all that worth to you?

Whether your practice is established or you’re working on building your client roster, my law practice support is a priceless investment in your success and achieving the goals that are important to you.

Support Uniquely Tailored to Fit You

I don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Every client’s needs, goals, and challenges are unique and so, too, should be your support plan. One client might need A, B, C and D, while you may need only C and D. Or, you might need A – F, but can only start with A and B.

It doesn’t serve you to have your specific circumstances stuffed into a one-size-fits-all mold. I care about how my work can best support you in your solo law practice and make a difference. So, once we have a chance to put our heads together, we’ll start with a custom plan of support that makes the most sense for you at the place you’re at right now.

Why You’ll Love My Value-Based Pricing Approach

  • Easier to budget. Everyone likes to know exactly “how much.” Upfront pricing allows me to give you that, which makes it easier for you to budget and plan.
  • Less headache. No more worries about whether the next transaction is going to exceed your hours and budget.
  • Easier for us to work together because we don’t waste time having to consult and negotiate on every little thing.
  • More flexibility. We can arrive at the best support plan for where you’re at right now and grow from there.
  • More focus on what’s important. We can both be more fully present in the work and accomplishing your goals and objectives when the focus isn’t on clock-watching. You never have to worry about going over budget or being left without support in the middle of the month.
  • Better relationship and service experience. You get an infinitely better service experience because the attention is on getting things done — not logging time, monitoring tasks, watching the clock, or having to stop in the middle of things before the month is over because you’ve run out of hours. You won’t be nickeled and dimed at every turn.